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Pulseira Energy

Pulseira Energy - Branco
Comfort bracelet with ion treatment and body in soft silicone with vivid colors. One size fits all for adult. With plate for printing and presented in an individual box with black window.

Armação de Óculos Martyns

Armação de Óculos Martyns - Branco
Original eyeglass frame without lenses with frames in a wide range of bright tones. Presented in a padded polyester cover with self-closing laces.

Punho Elástico Oakley

Punho Elástico Oakley - Branco
Resistant and soft microfiber wristband in bright tones, with zipper pocket in matching color and firm fit. Designed for sports and leisure activities.

Esferográfica Medic

Esferográfica Medic - Transparente
Original ball pen with syringe design and transparent body. With inside liquid in bright tones and blue ink.
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