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Armação de Óculos Martyns

Armação de Óculos Martyns - Branco
Original eyeglass frame without lenses with frames in a wide range of bright tones. Presented in a padded polyester cover with self-closing laces.

Esferográfica Medic

Esferográfica Medic - Transparente
Original ball pen with syringe design and transparent body. With inside liquid in bright tones and blue ink.

Medalha Corum

Medalha Corum - Red / Bronze
Metallic medal with polyester ribbon in red finish with Spanish flag. With carabiner closure for easy printing and available in gold, silver and bronze models.

Peruca Genax

Peruca Genax - Branco
Fun animation wig in bright tones with curly hair. Also available in Spanish design.

Pulseira Multiusos Neliam

Pulseira Multiusos Neliam - Branco
Multi purpose bracelet with body in soft polyester in bright and in varied colors. White color especially designed for sublimation printing.

Esferográfica Crisant

Esferográfica Crisant - Vermelho
Original flower ball pen with body in soft transparent finish in bright tones and matching color hood. In blue ink.
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