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Binóculo Sodor

Binóculo Sodor - Preto
Original folding binoculars with distance regulator and resistant bicolor body in varied colors. Presented in an attractive design box.

Saco-Cama Calix

Saco-Cama Calix - Preto
Sleeping bag in varied colors, made of soft material with thick inside padding. With inside/outside full opening zipper closure. Presented in a matching color sleeve with string closure.

Bracelete Multifunção Kupra

Bracelete Multifunção Kupra - Preto
Multifunction armband for adventure lovers. In resistant nylon material, with 5 functions: armband, compass, whistle, flint scrapper and opener. Available in a wide range of colors, with safety buckle closure.

Pá de Neve Skabix

Pá de Neve Skabix
Prática pá para neve, dobrável. Em resistente aço de carbono, com serra lateral e apresentada numa resistente bolsa com fecho de velcro. Dobrável

Manta Térmica Quint

Manta Térmica Quint
Thermal blanket made of waterproof and windproof technical material, with aluminum inside. Easily folding and designed for sports and leisure activities.

Monocular Ketor

Monocular Ketor
Long range Monocular by Orizons with resistant aluminum body in bicolor design, with distance regulator. With soft and comfortable padded area around the eye. With resistant padded case with zipper closure and brand logo. Presented in an attractive design box with the brand logo.
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