Porta-Chaves Porta-Moedas Brody

Porta-Chaves Porta-Moedas Brody - Preto
Original coin purse keychain with soft body in PU leather in a wide range of bright tones. Main compartment with matching color zipper closure and metal ring reinforcement.

Porta-Chaves Soke

Porta-Chaves Soke - Vermelho / Amarelo
Original floating keychain with EVA body in fun bicolor design and in a wide range of tones.

Bolsa Fit

Bolsa Fit - Preto
Neoprene sleeve for USB flash drive. Minimalist design and with metallic carrying carabiner.

Porta-Chaves Porta-Moedas Dyna

Porta-Chaves Porta-Moedas Dyna - Branco
Keychain coin purse of semicircular design in material 100% PVC of varied and bright tones. With matching color zipper closure, silver colored piping and handle ring.

Porta-Chaves Dines

Porta-Chaves Dines - Branco
Keychain with body in PU leather of bright and in varied colors. Matching color metallic finish especially designed for laser printing.
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